Coming in September

The Pewi Stroll, with removable parent push bar.

The Cruze

The Original

A classic that never gets old

YBX Stunt Scooter

Conceptualised and design in Cape Town

The Art of Balance

YBIKE aims to provide bikes and scooters for all ages and experiences. Traditionally focusing on children’s mobility products, YBIKE has now expanded its range to include adult scooters.

YBIKE’s range of children’s products are all about teaching children how to balance and encouraging the development of gross motor-skills. Our products promote the development of vital balancing, coordination, and steering skills, encouraging independent play. This makes children feel safer as they control their own actions helping them to move towards relevant bike-riding or walking skills as they become more able and confident. The idea is to promote physical activity in kids in a fun and playful way through products that are visually pleasing, of excellent quality, and durable. We are passionate about creating relevant products that benefit children without any unnecessary bells and whistles.

YBIKE’s adult scooters, The City Pacer, encourage the whole family to join in the fun, allowing parents to ride alongside their kids. YBX as part of YBIKE provides a range of affordable, durable stunt scooters for teenagers and adults.

All our products are designed by a multi-disciplinary team of South African whiz-kids.  We are Proudly Local and strive to continue creating products that teach The Art of Balance.

Dear Friends of YBIKE,

I would like to personally thank you for your interest in our company. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the home of YBIKE South Africa online. We are very excited to share our website with you and we hope that you find it easy and efficient to find the products you love.

By choosing one of our products you are supporting our very enthusiastic, very committed YBIKE family. We strive to produce and design products of the utmost quality that benefit your child’s development – no unnecessary bells and whistles! We are constantly trying to come up with new ways of getting your little ones exploring and moving.

We are a proudly South African company with global branches, but all of our products are designed locally by South African talent. Every care is taken to ensure that our products can withstand the wind, rain, sun, and anything else the South African landscape can throw at it so head on over to our products page to meet our ever expanding YBIKE range. You will also notice that we have added this very useful news feed where you can keep up to date on the latest YBIKE developments and innovations. If ever you have any feedback or comments please do not hesitate to contact me.

We always value your input as we believe that listening to your customers’ needs is how timeless products are made. Thanks again for stopping by. I hope our products bring you and your family as much joy as they bring us.

Kind Regards,
Jaco Kruger

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